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I am an evolutionary biologist capitivated by our diverse natural world and specifically by long lived sessile trees inhabiting diverse and often hostile ecosystems.

I am interested in unravelling the ecological and genomic factors facilitating adaptive evolution and range shifts in natural populations of plants. My work combines common garden based experiments with (paleo)-environmental datasets and high throughput genotyping information obtained from GBS and transcriptomics to attain a holistic understanding of the archtiecture underlying complex traits.

I started my academic career as an undergrad in Forestry at Kerala agricultural University, India. I moved onto pursue a Masters from Texas Tech University under the guidance of Dr. Matt Olson and then onto a PhD from Virginia Commonwealth University under Dr. Andrew Eckert.  Presently I'm a Postdoctoral scholar in Dr. Jeff Ross-Ibarra’s lab at UC Davis.

Please click on the interests tab above to know more about me and about past and ongoing research projects. 


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